This is our steam seat only and does not include our Luxury Diva Steam. 


Our Luxury Diva Throne is our Luxurious Vaginal Steaming Seat.


Luxury Diva Throne (Steam Seat Only)

SKU: 2000
  • Feel like a Queen while cleansing your lady part and Treat your V like Royalty!



    The Diva Throne was designed as the perfect addition needed to perform a Vagina Steam in the comfort of your own home. It is comfortable and convenient & provides a luxurious and Royal experience. The throne should be paired with our Luxury Diva Steam (Vagina Steaming Herbs) for the full experience.




    The Diva Throne is the color purple as purple symbolizes royalty, majesty and high officials as well as wealth, prosperity, prestige and luxury. Purple combines the stability of the blue color and the energy of the red; which is the energy you should manifest while using the Diva Throne. Feel like Royalty when you sit on your throne.



    The Diva Throne is BPA free and reusable and should be used every time a V Steam is done.



    *Do not use this product if you are pregnant, have an IUD or having your period/menstrual cycles


    *Not recommended for women who have extremely heavy cycles/two (2) or more menstrual cycles per month


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