V'Licious Foam Me Up - Ph Balanced Feminine Wash

  • Maintain a Healthy pH with our 100% Natural Foaming Feminine Wash. Infused with Aloe Vera, Calendula, Rose and Essential oils to wash away odor causing bacteria and keep your v smelling and feeling clean and fresh all day.


    V'Licious Foam Me Up Feminine Wash is a gentle, pH balanced luxurious foaming wash specially formulated for your vagina. It is free of harsh chemicals that can irritate the vagina. It is gentle, natural and anti-inflammatory. Its helps to remove odor, relieve itch, cleanse and freshens without causing irritation. I use this wash myself to fight bacteria that may cause BV and/or yeast infections and odor, it works for me. Try a natural way to clean your V! 




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